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The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences is one of the most competitive faculties at the Shahrood University of Technology, established in 1995. The faculty offers a broad range of diverse high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs focusing on Exercise Physiology and Sport Management. Furthermore, a research stream in challenging fields in Sport Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health, Leisure Times and Sport Recreation, Sport Events, Corrective Exercise, Sport Psychology, and Sport Biomechanics is being conducted at the faculty by postgraduate students and faculty members.

Physical Education and Sport Science is a crucial part of educational sport, public health, and professional sport systems. The pivotal mission of the faculty is focused on developing physical activity and exercise. The specific role of the faculty is to provide an academic environment with a high-quality education tending to address the needs of students, athletes and coaches to subsequently improve public health in the society. The other mission of the faculty is to perform high-quality theoretical and applied research to advance the issues concerning public health, athletic performance, and sport marketing. All faculty members and researchers work hard together to achieve the goals and to keep the faculty recognized as a leading institute nation-wide and internationally.

The scientific activities at the faculty of physical education and sport sciences are led by internationally recognized faculty members in various diverse major fields of sport Sciences. Currently, there are 13 academic members serving the education and research responsibilities at the faculty. The faculty hosts over 130 postgraduate researchers to efficiently extend and support the associated research activities, as well.

Over 140 students are currently enrolled in B.Sc. program in 2 major fields of sport science consisting of biological and humanitarin sciences. The B.Sc. students are selected among participants at the National University Entrance Exam and specific physical and fitness examination. In addition to a deep understanding of various theoretical aspects of sport sciences, the undergraduate programs address the experimental aspects of the real-world and field challenges. Currently, 2 educational research labs in the field of sport physiology and sport biomechanic-rehabilitation at the faculty support the educational and research programs. The laboratories are led by the faculty members and instructors. They are equipped with up-to-date equipment and facilities.

The PE faculty hosts over 130 postgraduate students supervised by academics in a wide range of physical education and sport science fields including:

  • Leisure Time and Recreation Management
  • Sports Event Management
  • Physical Activity and Health
  • Sports Nutrition20.

The admission of four-year Ph.D. program for candidates has a similar procedure. It requires evidence of high-quality research capabilities, as well. The faculty is currently hosting 20 Ph.D. candidates in Leisure Times and Sport Recreation. Students in both M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs must submit a thesis as partial fulfilment of their programs.  The research work of the candidates’ thesis is usually carried out in the research groups that are supervised by the faculty members.


Public Collaboration

The faculty of physical education and sport sciences has a close collaboration with the Youth and Sport Department, State Welfare Organization and The University of Medical Sciences. Improving public knowledge through regular congresses has been considered as a part of our mission. For this, The Congress of Health and Life is being regularly held monthly. Moreover, several educational programs and workshops are conducted by the faculty members to educate skilful students, coaches and athletes.


Industrial Collaboration

International collaborations are one of the keys to achieving the mission of the faculty. Establishing and extending such collaborations are actively encouraged by the authorities. Faculty members and postgraduate researchers are involved in international cooperation. Faculty members are highly encouraged to attend international conferences and visit universities worldwide as part of their sabbatical or research leave programs. The joint research projects can be considered as another aspect of the international collaborations of the faculty. Frequently invited talks by the pioneers in various relevant fields are organized by the faculty.


Honors and Awards

  • Championships in Sport Olympiads, national and international events
  • The Journal of Human Resources Management ranking the best in Iranian Sport Journals

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

You can find more information about the undergraduate curriculum and course description from our website.

Graduate Program

You can find more information about the graduate curriculum and course description from our website.

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