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The Faculty of Earth Sciences at The Shahrood University of Technology is among the most established and oldest faculties in the university, founded in 1991. Since then, the faculty has evolved constantly and has organized wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. The programs are composed of Bachelor’s degree in geology; Master’s degrees with majors in Tectonics, Economic geology, Hydrogeology, Petrology, Geochemistry and Environmental geology; and PhD’s degrees with majors in Petrology and Hydrogeology. All of the programs combine rigorous classes, fieldwork experience, laboratory analysis and opportunities to conduct research with faculty and research scientists. Currently, the Faculty of Earth Sciences has 18 faculty members, who are knowledgeable in various fields of geosciences and effectively accomplish outstanding research, mentorinany opportunities to study geosciences in the field.  In addition to local field trips, the faculty offers several field experience classes that travel to study the geology of neighbouring regions such as Kopph-Dagh and Central Iran Basins.

The Faculty of Earth Sciences is equipped with several laboratories and facilities which offer state-of-the-art tools and expertise to conduct education and research across geoscience programs. These facilities and services are available to the faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, and visiting scholars as well as industries. Apart from  the common geological facilities, the laboratories houses modern equipment for thin section preparation, fluid inclusion analysis, magnetic measurement, total organic carbon (TOC) analysis and secondary electron microscopy (SEM).

The Faculty of Earth Sciences collaborates with a variety of national and international institutions, universities and companies such as National Iranian oil Company (NIOC), Chinese Academy of Sciences and also provides exchange programs for students and visiting scholars to/from other countries.

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