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AEU started as a sub-department of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, offering Associate’s Degree in Architectural Engineering in 1996. This degree program was upgraded to a Bachelor’s Degree program in 2008 and the Master’s degree in the same field was also offered, starting in 2011. With the increasing number of faculty members and research and educational facilities, the department of Architectural Engineering was later restructured as an individual Faculty of Architectural Engineering and Urbanism in 2014.

Currently, there are 10 full-time academic members serving the educational and research responsibilities at the AEU. The faculty also enlists the help of over 15 part-time lecturers and tutors to ensure the diversity of the faculty members and their professional skills. AEU hosts over 35 graduate researchers to efficiently extend and support the associated research activities, as well. Over 200 students are currently enrolled in B.Sc. program in Architectural Engineering.

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