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Welcome to the faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Shahrood University of Technology, one of the top mechanical engineering faculties in northeastern part of Iran with a nearly two decades history and a strong, clear vision for the future. The "Faculty of Mechanical Engineering" of "Shahrood University of Technology" was established at 1999 as one of the main schools of this prestigious university. Over almost 20 years of continuous and valuable effort on education and research, attraction of the highly qualified faculty members along with the elite students were among the most significant activities of this faculty all over the years. Faculty of mechanical engineering was established by training of students in the field of fluid mechanics at undergraduate level in 1999 and developed its activities to the higher levels in all of the fields covered by the mechanical engineering. The faculty of mechanical engineering excels and takes much pride in our education efforts, allowing students to gain unique study experiences both in Ann Arbor and abroad prestigious universities. Faculty of mechanical engineering has now 36 faculty members including two full professors, 9 associate professors, 24 assistant professors and a lecturer together with the faculty staff with high specialties at the affairs related to the education, research, workshop and laboratory programs. Now, the main fields of mechanical engineering is being covered in this faculty including solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and mechatronics at both undergraduate and graduate levels (including PhD) in the wide variety of specialized fields in the areas of manufacturing and production, aerospace engineering, energy systems, stress analysis, dynamics and vibration and other multi-disciplinary fields. Faculty is now training students at all levels including PhD in the fields of solid and fluid mechanics, master level in the field of solid mechanical, fluid mechanics, manufacturing and production processes, mechatronics engineering, aerospace engineering and energy systems along with the bachelor of science level in mechanical engineering by provision of the basic and advanced infrastructure, workshops, computer laboratory, and specialized research-based laboratories managed by the faculty members. Over 869 students are now studying in the faculty of mechanical engineering including 72 at PhD, 291 at master and 506 at the bachelor levels. List of the active workshops and laboratories can be elaborated as follows: 1. Thermodynamics laboratory. 2. Fluids mechanics laboratory. 3. Dynamics and vibration laboratory. 4. Mechanics of materials laboratory. 5. Auto-mechanics and automotive engineering laboratory. 6. Machine tools workshop and, 7. Welding and sheet metal workshops. Also, the research laboratories of the faculty can be expressed as follows: 1. Visualization and tracking laboratory. 2. Mechanical properties of materials laboratory. 3. wind tunnel laboratory and, 4. Power-plant laboratory. In summary, the faculty of mechanical engineering is thriving, making significant contributions to research, education and many other aspects of society. Building upon such excellence, our faculty is actively defining and shaping the future of mechanical engineering.

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