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Faulty of Electrical and Robotic Engineering was established in 1999. However Electrical Engineering undergraduate program in school of engineering is dated back to 1987. This faculty has 37 academic members in fields of control, electrical and electronic engineering, communication engineering, robotics and bioelectrical engineering. We have two undergraduate programs in electrical and bioelectrical engineering and graduate programs in control systems, electrical engineering systems, power electronic, electrical machines and drives, digital electronic systems, microelectronic circuits, solid state electronic devices, communication systems, communication field and waves individually.  Faculty benefits from professional labs which have been well equipped both for education and research purposes. Faculty provides students with 30 labs designed to span multiple courses in a typical four-year electrical engineering. This significantly improves the student skills. Moreover faculty has a number of research Labs including signal processing Lab, robot Lab, power electronic and renewable energy Lab, electricity market and energy management Lab, electricity power system Lab, antenna Lab etc. in which graduate students research on the most recent active issues in different fields of electrical engineering.

Faculty of electrical and robotic engineering has more than 650 undergraduate students and 400 graduate students. Access to the most recent text books and journals in different fields of electrical engineering facilitates education and research for students in this faculty.

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