International Affairs Office Welcome Message

I am privileged to personally welcome you to International & Scientific Cooperation Office, Shahrood University of Technology (SUT) website.
In the years following the birth of Shahrood University of Technology, various reforms were initiated in order to foster an outstanding educational environment. SUT has grown into a prestigious institution with thirteen departments, 3 Research and 5 educational centers, which support a wide spectrum of educational and research activities.
Shahrood University of Technology is a learning community of over 10,000 students who share a passion to make a difference in the world. SUT is committed to serving the people of  Iran by providing academic programs and campus services for the students, and staff.
SUT enjoys the advantages of being situated in the vicinity of the historical and cultural city of Shahrood, in the heart of Iran. It is about 15 kilometers far from Shahrood airport. Weather is temperate. The people here are friendly and very helpful to those from other countries.
Emphasis on the concept of internationalization in order to achieve the supreme goal of the university, i.e. to become a leading educational institution and a model in the regional and the world, comprises one of the principal plans of the university. It is also a critical component to the University’s mission to conducting a world class learning environment that benefits the Islamic Republic of Iran, region and the world.
ISCO is to expand the internationalization of SUT by fostering the optimum environment for enhancing, retaining and supporting the international activities of the students and staff  enabling them to achieve their educational goals, and serving as the focal point for organizing and integrating the international activities on the campus.
I hope you will enjoy the information and the pictures on our website. Explore it at your leisure to get familiarize with both ISCO and SUT. I wish you will consider coming to SUT in near future.

International & Scientific Cooperation Office