History about University

Shahrood University of Technology (SUT) was established in 1973 as the first university in the Semnan province and currently is the only technological university in the province. SUT currently has 11,000 students and 302 faculty members who are studying and doing scientific research activities in 187 different programs including 43 undergraduate, 107 Master and 37 PhD majors.

The Shahrood University of Technology is composed of 16 faculties, one E-learning center and four campuses (Pardis) including 1) Central, 2) Engineering and New Technology, 3) Agricultural Engineering, and 4) Educational Mine.Recently, Shahrood University of Technology was ranked the sixth among 17 technical universities by Islamic World Science Citation Center. Currently, Dr MohammadMehdi Fateh is the president of the Shahrood University of Technology, who is an academic member in the Faculty of Robotic and Power Engineering.


University Strategies

Education: Education based on research, improving education quality, quantitative expansion based on needs of the country, product and demand-oriented.


Research: Solving challenges in the country, moving toward knowledge horizons, demand-oriented, new technologies, entrepreneurship and improving university’s scientific rank.


Management: Planning, having specialized committees, responsibility, managing coordination, integrated control, public relation and automation improvement.


Cultural and student affairs: Improving religious beliefs, scientific knowledge, ethics, national unity, being the critic and accepting criticism.